Education & Training


Most start-up companies focus on investors and public funding for supporting their product-to-market effort. We do that too, but in parallel, in a slightly different model, we provide services relevant to our expertise simply for supporting our efforts. The work from these services is essentially non-profit since all of the income is directly used for enhancing the funding of our main project ACETT as well as other relevant, early-stage projects.

Our core team has extensive experience in the academic and professional education settings. We have taught at graduate and undergraduate level at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology and Frederick University. Further, we have organized several successful seminars for professionals in Cyprus and we have traveled abroad to deliver high-level engineering training for science-focused development of operations for engineering companies. We are qualified to “train the trainer,” and help professionals develop their skill-set and education standards to a level that can maximize the impact of their courses, services and operations.

We will add relevant information when relevant training sessions are organized.